Director’s Statement

A Personal Statement from Director David Wilkinson

I have been trying to make GETTING AWAY WITH MURDER(S), either as a film or a TV series, since 2003.

I was baffled as to why it has taken so long to find the funding as, to me, it was essential to know why so very few of the murderers of the Holocaust were ever prosecuted.

I had hoped that others would also wish to know this answer. 

When I was distributing his film TALKING SIDES in 2003, I discussed this in great detail with Sir Ronald Harwood as we drove around the country promoting his movie in key cities.

Ronnie wrote over a dozen plays, films, books and articles dealing with the Holocaust and told me that it “informed him”. When I mentioned to him that I was considering making the film, he instructed me to get on with it as he too wanted to know the answer.

It was intended that he be in the film (he later appeared in another documentary of mine), but his contribution in this was sadly not to be.

The film is dedicated to him. 

My sole motivation for making GETTING AWAY WITH MURDER(S), was simply to find that answer as to why so many got away with their crime – the crime of mass murder on an industrial scale.  

A simple question, you might think.

I knew long before I began filming that the answer(s) would be far from simple. 

The film is almost 200 minutes long. The subject is so complex that I found it impossible to fit the answers into a neat 90 or 110 minutes. One of the advantages of not having any funding from a broadcaster means that I was free to explore the subject as I felt in detail.