Up to 1 million people, in 22 countries, carried out the murder of 11 million men, women and children. 

99% of those who carried out those murders were never prosecuted.

They were never even questioned.


In August 1945 the USA, UK, France and the USSR signed The London Agreement, committing to the prosecution of Nazis and their collaborators who participated in crimes against humanity.

At Auschwitz, approximately 1,100,000 people were murdered by over 8,000 members of the Nazi SS, who were serving at what was the largest single mass murder site in history.

7,000 of these people survived the War.

Yet, fewer than 800 of these men and women were ever put on trial and prosecuted for war crimes.

The rest went on to live normal lives, often enriched by what they stole from those they killed. 

Many of them under their own name, almost all of them untroubled by any worry of prosecution. 


Most of those who were sent to prison for their part in the Holocaust, and prosecuted at Nuremberg and other trials, were released by the mid 1950s. Even those who had directly murdered thousands of people. 

  Nazi war criminals lived in the USA, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Australia, Austria and of course Germany.

In the UK there were up to 400 suspected Nazi war criminals living in the country.

The only person ever prosecuted in the UK, in 1999, was convicted of killing 18 Jews.

This was 53 years after he arrived in the UK.



Ben Ferencz and Kitty Hart-Moxon have been in many Holocaust documentaries and even had films made about them.

The others who tell the story, Stephen Ankier, Mary Fulbrook, Winfried Garscha, Malka Levine, Robin Lustig, Dan Plesch, Jens Rommel, Philip Rubenstein and James Smith, are less well known in the world of film & TV but each is a leading expert in their field. 


Filmed in the UK, Ireland, Poland, Czechia, Lithuania, Latvia, Austria, France, the USA and Germany throughout 2019 and 2020.